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Batteries and E-Waste

Automotive and Rechargeable Batteries
Recycle it. Car batteries can be taken to any of the local transfer stations or the regional landfill for recycling free of charge. Many locations (including the Regional Landfill) accept rechargeable batteries for recycling, free of charge.

Non-Rechargeable Batteries
Throw it out. Non-rechargeable alkaline and household batteries can be thrown out with your regular residential garbage.

Recycle it. Businesses with electronic waste for disposal are accepted at the Regional Landfill. Landfill fees will apply.

Cell Phones
Donate it or recycle it. Cell phones that are in working order can be donated to some charities. In addition, many businesses now accept cell phones for recycling free of charge.

Computers, Printers, Televisions and Computer Accessories
Donate it. Functional items in good repair can be donated to local community groups.
Some options include:
              Good As New- Sedgewick call (780) 384-3504 for more information.